My Experiences With Pre-Workout Drinks


I consider myself a morning person. I enjoy waking up with the sunrise and getting an early start on my day. Still, most mornings, the thought of a tough workout with Serena and her team make me want to pull the covers over my head and hit the snooze button one more time!

In the past, I often found myself yawning through much of the workout and had a hard time keeping my energy level high. I never gave myself enough time in the morning to make coffee or eat any real breakfast. Plus, I wasn’t that hungry first thing in the morning.

I noticed serious weight lifters posted about pre-workout drinks on social media, but I never previously thought about trying one myself. After working out with Serena most mornings for a few months, I decided to try a pre-workout drink as a two-week experiment and see if I was able to increase my morning workout intensity.

First, I conducted a little internet research on workout drinks and decided to try Vega Sport Pre-Workout Energizer. I purchased the Acai Berry flavor. The other flavor option Vega offers is Lemon Lime.

When I read the preparation instructions, I was surprised they said to mix the powder with 8 oz of cold water. I remember in high school chemistry class learning that warm water was better for mixing, but it seemed to mix well with cold water from the tap.

I scooped the powder into a glass, topped with 8 oz of water, and mixed it with a spoon. It took about two minutes of stirring for the powder to dissolve and left a bright yellow “froth” on top. If you are wary of drinks with neon colors, this might not be the pre-workout drink for you, even though Vega’s website specifies that this mix does not have any artificial flavors, colors, or sweeteners.

During my experiment, I tried to get up at least 45 minutes before class. The label of the drink mix said to consume it approximately twenty minutes before exercise, and I followed this instruction religiously! Vega Energizer has 100 mg of caffeine, about half of the caffeine in a small cup of coffee from Starbucks. I felt very energized during class and rarely yawned.

Before using the pre-workout drink, I woke up 15 minutes before the start of class, got dressed in a rush and signed online. In my new pre-workout drink routine, I quickly noticed a change in my alertness during morning workouts.

There were two days during the experiment where I ran out of time to make the pre-workout drink before exercising. I definitely noticed a difference in my energy and intensity level without the pre-workout drink.

Waking up earlier gave me more time to stretch before class - an unexpected bonus from my pre-workout drink experiment. I stretched for five or ten minutes before the workout enabling me to warm up more quickly and push myself further on the exercises.

When the experiment ended, I continued to use the pre-workout drink before my morning workouts with Serena. Today, I gulp the drink down through a reusable straw every morning before my workout. I highly recommend giving a pre-workout drink a try if you are looking to increase the intensity of your training and wake up earlier before a morning exercise class!

FitnessMelissa Alam