3 Total Body Exercises to Maximize Time


We are all tight on time. It's a challenge that prevents a lot of us from fitting in our workouts but is also something that can be overcome. I always tell my clients to get away from the idea that you need to dedicate a full hour to the gym. It doesn't have to be this large chunk of time out of your day because let's be honest, we'd rather be hanging out with friends or planning our next trip to abroad.

When I created the SerenaFit Training Studio, I kept this in mind. All of the classes we coach are 30 minutes long and are mainly before work hours. This way nothing can prevent the workout from happening and we are encouraged to stay engaged on a daily basis. It’s a very reasonable approach to improving your fitness.

My programming in the Virtual Studio is all about total body work + core functionality so that you’re maximizing your time with us. I want you to get the best result from working the shortest amount of time. Here are three total body moves that you can add to your fitness routine this week, and for members, expect to see these moves in our weekly workouts!

#1: The Squat to Overhead Press: Rack the weights at your shoulders. Squat low. Stand and squeeze your glutes. Then press the weights overhead targeting your shoulders and back. Repeat 15x. This works everything and gets your heart rate up. Go at a medium pace and watch yourself in the mirror to ensure proper form.

#2: The Alternating Plank Row: Bring one medium sized weight to the ground. I use 8-15 pounder's. Set it on the mat underneath your chest as you come up into a single arm plank. Grab the weight with your free hand and row the weight to your armpit, squeezing your back and your abs. Slowly drop it back down and switch arms. Repeat this 20x. This is an amazing upper body and core exercise that challenges your entire body!

#3: The Burpee: Obviously! The ultimate at-home burner. Hands go to the floor. Kick your feet back as you drop your chest to the mat. Push yourself up into a high plank. Pull your feel back in landing hip-width apart. Stand and jump! Then go right back into it. Time yourself for 1 minute. How many did you do? Beat your rep count for two more rounds. The burpee hits all the major muscle groups + spikes your heart rate which will help to torch calories. Too tough? Instead of jumping, step! Injured? Try alternate arm/leg extensions instead.

These are some of my favorite total body movements because of how effective they are when you have limited time. Members love to hate me for these moves since I always find a way to make them even more challenging by adding fun extras (like weights and jumps)! What can you do to maximize your fitness efforts this week? Everything counts, even a 10 minute floor routine or power walk. Remind yourself of all the positives that can come from a great workout. You got this!