Virtual Studio Client Feature: Kaitlin Merritt

Location: South Philadelphia
Favorite Studio Class: Lower Body 2 + Resistance Bands
Years/time working out with SerenaFit:  Since Fall 2018

We had the chance to catch up with Kaitlin this month to learn about what has made her time in The Studio effective!

Kaitlin stays motivated by:
Visualizing how great I feel after completing a class.  I love that SerenaFit has helped me develop a routine of getting my workouts in before my workday. I started taking my overall health and fitness seriously about a year ago after noticing how sluggish I always felt and it's gratifying to notice so much change in my energy level, strength and sleep quality.

A product that’s helped Kaitlin improve her health or fitness:
By buying a good glass water bottle has helped me dramatically increase my water intake. I just bought this one from Amazon after I couldn't bring myself to splurge on another bkr bottle. There’s something about a cute bottle that makes drinking water a lot more appealing!

Kaitlin’s setup when she works out in the SerenaFit Virtual Training Studio:
My workouts usually take place in my living room surrounded by dog, Logan, and my cat, Pepper, who often make guest appearances each class.  I have a trunk that stores my resistance bands, free weights and yoga mat so they're easily accessible.

If she could take her workout in the SerenaFit Virtual Training Studio anywhere in the world it would be:
Barcelona! It's a beautiful city and there's a pretty vibrant fitness community there.

One word that comes to mind when she thinks about SerenaFit is:
Accountability. I'll be honest, whenever I have tried to work out at a gym by myself or at home, without a community and coach to keep me accountable, I phone it in. With the live feed, the coaches know if my form is off or if I can push myself a bit more, so I try to give 100%.

The biggest change she’s experienced since joining the Virtual Studio is:
The studio classes have really helped me develop a structured exercise routine. Now I just feel "off" if I haven't done some kind of exercise every day.  Even if I'm having a rest day I'll at least do a restorative yoga class. I never thought I'd be the kind of person for whom fitness would become a hobby.  The studio has also helped me become a lot more open minded about trying new forms of exercise. In the past, I always stayed away from higher intensity workouts because I felt too out of shape to complete them.  Now, I feel a lot more confident with what I can do.

You can follow Kaitlin on Instagram @kaitykaboom!