Virtual Studio Client Feature: Kelsey Siano

Location: Philadelphia
Favorite Studio Class: Upper Body 1
Years/time working out with SerenaFit:  2.5 months

We had the chance to catch up with Kelsey this month to learn about what has made her time in The Studio effective!

Kelsey stays motivated by:
I have to be in a wedding dress in a little over a month! These workouts have helped me stay on track so I can feel awesome for my wedding day. It’s one less thing I have to worry about during this fun, yet sometimes stressful planning process! Also, it is so awesome to workout in the morning and then be done for the day.

A product that’s helped Kelsey improve her health or fitness:
Workout clothes I feel good in! It helps to be comfortable in what you are wearing. It definitely motivates me to keep working out too. There’s nothing worse than a pair of leggings that keep falling down, or an old shirt that gets in the way during a tough workout.

Kelsey’s setup when she works out in the SerenaFit Virtual Training Studio:
I live in a pretty tiny house so my only suitable option is my living room with my coffee table pushed to the side. I don’t really need a ton of space for the Studio workouts to be honest, which also makes things really easy for me. Even though I’m tight on space, my workouts aren’t effected!

“I don’t really need a ton of space for The Studio workouts to be effective. That’s why this is so convenient.”

If she could take her workout in the SerenaFit Virtual Training Studio anywhere in the world it would be:
It would be awesome to do one on the beach! Talk about motivating :)

One word that comes to mind when she thinks about SerenaFit is:
Convenience! You have 0 excuses to not workout in your home for 30 minutes a day. I don’t have to stress about traffic, weather, other people cramping my yoga mat — it’s just me in my house. So easy.

The biggest change she’s experienced since joining the Virtual Studio is:
I have defined shoulder muscles for the first time ever!

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