Virtual Studio Client Feature: Megan Brigaman

Location: South Philly
Favorite Studio Class: Total Body
Years/time working out with SerenaFit:  3 years? 4?  I’m not sure!  I’m a Serenafit OG.

We had the chance to catch up with Megan this month to learn about what has made her time in The Studio effective!

Megan stays motivated by:
Knowing that a 30 minute workout is completely doable and I will feel great after.  It sets a great tone for the day and gives me a sense of accomplishment by 6:30am! It’s nice to see others in class as well. I know that if they can do it, so can I.

A product that’s helped Megan improve her health or fitness:
Quorn brand meatless pieces.  This is a great meat alternative made from myco protein.  High in protein and fiber, low in calories. It’s delicious on a salad with some Trader Joe’s Everything but the Bagel seasoning! I realize that eating a diet higher in protein helps me to see faster results from my efforts in The Studio.

Megan’s setup when she works out in the SerenaFit Virtual Training Studio:
I work out in my living room with the coffee table moved out of the way. It’s minimal effort and even less when I prep the night before. I come downstairs, log in and workout!

“I don’t have to think a lot about working out in The Studio. That’s a big piece of it for me since work can get overwhelming at times. One less things I have to worry about. ”

If she could take her workout in the SerenaFit Virtual Training Studio anywhere in the world it would be:
A stone farmhouse on a vineyard in France.  

One word that comes to mind when she thinks about SerenaFit is:

Accountability.  It is very difficult for me to work out on my own without the structure of the classes.  I know that if I sign up for a class, I will show up and feel great afterward.

The biggest change she’s experienced since joining the Virtual Studio is:

I have become a morning person!  I used to hate getting up but now I enjoy sipping my coffee before class and not rushing around. It’s changed my routine for the better.

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