3 Ways to Melt Your Winter Waistline

We tend to spend more time indoors during the colder months so naturally, we become a bit more sedentary. Netflix can takeover, extra snacks and creep in and heavier, denser meals tend to show up on the dinner table without you even realizing! The shock comes into play when your scale reads a scary number or your pants start feeling tighter. I know that feeling and it’s very, very frustrating. So what can we do to prevent or fix this extra Winter weight? Let’s review!


#1: Add HIIT! Don’t skimp on your workouts guys. While it may be hard to get up in the morning, think about how amazing you’ll feel post sweat if you just get up on time and get the work done. HIIT stands for high-intensity interval training - the keyword being the interval. So this means that you’re working really hard for short blasts, or intervals, of time that can really challenge you. Get off the cardio machines and take a class in The Virtual Studio that encourages you to get up and move for 30 minutes every morning. You will see how beneficial these workouts are, really quickly!

There’s also something called the “afterburn effect” here, that means because of your hard efforts during that intense HIIT class, your body will reward you with a higher metabolism helping you to burn lots of calories throughout the day. This is KEY! We want to get our bodies in this conditioned state so we build strong muscles and maintain strong hearts. By default, you will see amazing results all over your body, and your waistline with look slimmer.

#2: Add a daily greens shake + keep things simple. Nutrition is the true key to success when it comes to dropping weight and toning up. You can’t avoid this fact. If you eat processed foods, treats loaded with sugar, carbs laden with oils and complex starches, your body will reflect it. You’ll feel sluggish, carry belly fat, have bad skin, feel irritable and irregular. Ick. We want to avoid all of these things!

A favorite on my everyday menu is my daily greens shake that I’ve dubbed a SerenaFit Signature smoothie. It’s packed with the goods helping to balance pH, improve eyesight, even out skin coloration, increase energy, satisfaction, and wholeness. I drink one every morning! As for the rest of your day goes, keep things simple. Eat a few balanced meals that are all natural, mainly plant-based, salt-free and clean. Your waistline will thank you and you may even start seeing those abs pop through! Females aim to intake 1400-1600 calories and men 1900-2300. *Consult a dietician for coach for customized numbers

#3: 10-minute meditation to reduce stress and bloat. I can say that I carry a lot of my stress and worry on the inside. I don’t wear it on my face or talk about what load I’m carrying, but rather, I internalize it. Not good! This rears its ugly head as bloat, belly discomfort, elevated shoulders, stiff neck, IBS (irregular bowel syndrome), migraines, blurred vision and lack of focus. What can we do to get out of this tense, stressful state? Meditate.

Meditation can come in many different forms. Varying options have become available. Everything from email reminders, to apps, to meet up groups; meditation is now available to anybody, at any time thanks to technology. My favorite meditation app is called Calm. It’s an award-winning app that fits with my busy schedule and features a 10-minute daily Calm. They highlight and talk about a different topic every day. Topics are relevant, soothing to the soul, and helpful when it comes to unwinding ourselves.

Reminder! You don’t need technology to meditate. Maybe your de-stressor is simply reading a book, listening to music, painting or organizing. Whatever you choose this to be, be sure you do it for 10 minutes a day. Over time, it adds up and soon you’ll feel less agitated and more relaxed in all areas of your life. When this happens, life becomes beautiful, it’s easy to find joy and your body deflates. Your waistline will shrink, your body will feel flexible and your mind will be at peace.

Our bodies are direct reflections of how we treat them. If you don’t sleep, you’ll feel and look tired. If you don’t eat well, you’ll feel slow, ill, and depressed. If you don’t relax you will look tense, or feel angry. If you don’t stay active you’ll gain weight and feel tired or experience injury. Let’s stay on top of it this year. Redefine self-care and adopt these healthy habits so you can feel slim, toned and strong. See you in The Studio!