Combination Strength Workout [Recorded Live]

Join Big Climb Philly and SerenaFit in this Team In Training workout with, Serena Scanzillo and Vinny Carrano.

Serena has been a coach and entrepreneur for over 10 years and is a Brand Ambassador for the Athleta store here in Philly! Her online studio features LIVE workouts, meaning you can see your coach, your coach can see you, and you can see the others in the class. Her and her team have taken the everyday gym experience and placed it online so you can stay fit and accountable with ease.

All of the classes Serena’s Virtual Studio offers are hosted on the Zoom video conferencing platform. Once you register for a selected class you will get a confirmation email with the access link inside. Make sure you follow Serena on Instagram at @serenafitness to stay up to date with all things SerenaFit, Athleta and LLS!

Below is a recording of our second Team In Training clinic from Feb 2019. Our third one is on March 20th. You can register here in preparation for the big event on April 11th. Feeling generous? Donate to our team here! $5 or $10 is greatly appreciated!

Learn about Big Climb Philly and join Serena in the Virtual Training Studio for this fun and challenging conditioning workout. This routine consists of a few bodyweight strength circuits, offering variety right from your own home or wherever you have Wi-Fi access.

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