Lower Body Routine | At-Home Workout

I love strengthening and toning my lower body with simple, at-home exercises. 

I’ve never been a huge fan of heavy weighted squats; an exercise we see everywhere these days. Most clients I work with experience hip tightness so working through deep squats with added weight can end up hurting us, not helping us. 

As a coach, I like to tell my members + clients to slow down.

Don’t get overwhelmed in the moment. If something is hard for you, stop, reset, breathe and then try a few reps at whatever fitness level you’re on! Don’t worry about what the person next to you is doing. 

The easy exercises I run through in this video keep our workout on the floor. No weights needed here, just our focus and attention on each repetition. 

Exercises in this video:

#1: Hamstring lifts + hamstring pulse | Right side, left side

#2: Knee drive + high diagonal extension | Right side, left side

#3: Alternating glute kickbacks 

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