7 Reasons to Start Meal Prepping Today

Meal preparation or “meal prep” is the process of planning and preparing your meals ahead of time. It is the key to helping people reach their health and fitness goals, mostly through improving and encouraging clean eating and portion control. It allows you to prepare various meals containing the exact kilojoules/calories, macronutrients and micronutrients that are tailored to meet your fitness goals.  

Just to be clear, anyone can meal prep. You don’t have to be a full-time bodybuilder or marathon runner, but it’s important to know that everyone’s body type is different, and no two meal preps will be the same. 

Many people prep up to 6 meals a day, whilst others may only prep one or two meals for each day of the week. Some people prep a weeks’ worth of meals, while others may prep a month! There is no right or wrong way to meal prep, just whichever way suits your lifestyle, needs and goals. 


What are the Benefits of Meal Prep? 

Meal preparation really does save you a heap of cash in the long run. You can buy most of your groceries in bulk at a discounted price. It may also save you hundreds on take out and fast food when you’re short on time or can’t be bothered cooking after a long day at work. And of course, don’t forget that meal prep will save you from eating those extra calories from your favorite take-out restaurant, hindering your results.  

Meal prep will save you hours
Meal preparation saves so much time! You only have to do one grocery shop, and only one cook up. People often think that meal preparation is time consuming and not worth the effort, but it is exactly the opposite! By preparing your meals, you will find yourself saving time each night, whether it be from cooking time or grocery shopping constantly throughout the week. Imagine not having to cook every night and instead, taking a few hours out of your Sundays to cook up a storm. 

You can get on track with your weight loss
When your meal prepping, you have previously planned your meals, and already have them prepared for your week ahead. You know the exact calories and macronutrients that are going into your system and at what time. This method will help you lose weight, as there’s no more guess work about whether you can fit in an extra chocolate or packet of chips in. 

Or you can gain weight easily!
If you’re wanting to gain weight but can’t see any results, then meal prep is for you. You may think you’re hitting enough calories to gain weight but, you will never know unless you track what you eat. It’s also very cheap to cook all your meals at the start of the week and then freeze them, saving you time whilst making gains.  

Grocery shopping will become easier
You have already planned all your meals, you have taken note of all the ingredients and amounts needed for your upcoming prep, rather than going to the shops picking up snacks and most likely choosing the unhealthier option. 

You will reach your health and fitness goals quicker
Meal prep will lead you on the right track to achieving your health and fitness goals. Have you heard of the term that its 30% exercise and 70% nutrition? Your eating will be in place with no leverage room to sneak out and get takeout. After preparing your meals you will have healthy meals ready in just 

a few minutes, keeping you going in the right direction of living a healthy lifestyle. You will always have quick and easy access to healthy foods ready at your disposal, so you don’t potentially put harmful foods into your body. 

No more wasting food
Often when people don’t meal prep, they buy things they don’t need or won’t find use for during the week and therefore it becomes waste, as it will most probably go off. This is extremely wasteful, and you will also waste your money throughout this process. Through meal prep, you won’t have things sitting around without a use, as you only buy what you will include in your meal prep. No more wasting food!  

Tips to start on your meal prep journey:
Set aside some time for planning, grocery shopping and cooking before you begin meal prepping. The best part about meal prep is that you only need to cook once a week or on whatever meal prep schedule you would like! Choose a suitable day where you have a couple hours to cook all your meals.