Real Talk with Virtual Studio Member Shanna

I caught up with long time friend and Virtual Studio member Shanna M. last week for some girl talk and r+r. Before long we were discussing the everyday challenges we experience running our own wellness companies, keeping up with social lives and finding time to chill out. It’s a lot easier said than done.

Rather than writing about all the things that may be coming easy to her right now, I wanted to dig deeper and interview Shanna about what her struggles are. We’re a family at SerenaFit! I’m sure we can relate to what she talks about. I encourage you to join the conversation and comment on this blog below!

1. Who are you and what do you do?
I'm a Life Coach who is passionate about living a fulfilled life. I help people discover who they are, what they want, and give them the momentum they need to reach those goals.

2. A brief overview of your fitness/wellness interests.
It might sound silly, but I started a project to heighten the level of my wellness lifestyle. It's important for me to recognize that wellness isn't just about my physical fitness, but also my mental and emotional health. I'm interested in maintaining a morning ritual, a skin care routine, setting boundaries to get enough sleep, drinking enough water, and exploring new fitness studios around the city to keep me engaged and at my best.

3. What intrigued you the most about The Virtual Studio before signing up.
That I could stay home when it was cold outside! I signed up during the winter season because I was avoiding the venture out to the gym but I still wanted to be held accountable to getting a workout in. It was exactly what I needed!

4. Your #1 fitness goal and why it's been so hard to achieve.
To workout or incorporate fitness into my daily routine. It's been hard because my heavy schedule doesn't always make me feel like I have the time, and although I tell myself I'm going to get up early and get it in, it's way easier to hit snooze on my alarm.

5. Your biggest struggle on a daily basis.
Getting everything done! It's an unrealistic expectation to get everything done when you have a busy schedule and are starting a small business. Really the biggest struggle might actually be accepting that things are incomplete and going to bed anyway.

6. Your best quality -- what people love about you.
The positive energy I bring! I get this all the time. Whether it's a work morning in a coffee shop or a Friday night dance party, I'm known to still bring the fun energy to wherever I am.

7. When you think of being fit and healthy, what does that mean to you?
It means a balance of eating foods that make my body and mind feel good and regular exercise thats challenges me.

8. What advice can you give readers about managing wellness, expectations and life in 2020?
I think meeting your own expectations (and the ones you think other people have for you!) and managing wellness together can feel especially challenging at times. What changed my perspective was waking up to the fact that expectations aren't as real as we make them out to be, and the pressure you put on yourself is actually hindering your goals. My advice would be to put yourself and your wellness first, because once you're taken care of, you make room for the rest to fall into place.

9. Your favorite Studio class and why!
Lower Body because it's a fitness goal of mine to achieve that perfect peach booty (there I said it!)

10. Where can we find you/follow you?
You can follow me on IG @shanna_mcalarnen

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