Meet Carlee: Your Stress Relief Guide

I was able to match up with Philadelphia’s newest stress expert, Carlee Myers where she gave us LOTS of recommendations on how to identify, manage and control stress. You can catch her LIVE in The Studio on September 24th at 7:30am, when she leads a pop-up webinar on how to step out of overwhelm and find more joy in life. Enjoy!

1. Can you give us a brief background on who you are and what you do?
I help professionals who feel overworked, overwhelmed or on the verge of burnout relieve stress so they can find more joy at work, home and beyond. As the founder of The Stress Less Company, I’ve helped hundreds of women (and a few brave men) across the country take action to reduce stress through coaching because there is no-one-size-fits-all when it comes stress management. 

I also recently opened a brand new relaxation space for women, The Stress Less Space, in Philadelphia this past May. Since launching, The Stress Less Space has been featured in media outlets such as Good Day Philadelphia, FOX 29, The Philadelphia Inquirer, Philly Mag and Whoolly Magazine.

2. What was the main reason behind creating your company? What's your why?
The why behind my company comes from my own personal journey with stress and anxiety. When I was young, I experienced a childhood trauma and developed PTSD as a result. I suffered from night terrors, fear, and anxiety for years afterwards. I tried all of the mainstream approaches to managing stress - therapy, religion, you name it - and nothing worked. I continued to suffer, I couldn’t sleep, I was jumpy and I didn’t think I’d ever escape my stress and anxiety. It wasn’t until I found creativity and began making art that I was able to reduce my stress and overcome my night terrors. 

After spending years trying and failing to manage my stress in the “mainstream” ways that people turn to, I began to realize that everyone’s stress management journey is different and that what works for one person won’t necessarily work for everyone else. It took me over 10 years to get to the root of my stress and figure out what I needed to reduce it, but it shouldn’t take decades of suffering and feeling hopeless for a person to finally find a way to take care of themselves that actually works for them. That’s why I started The Stress Less Company. I wanted to share what I’ve learned about getting to the root of stress so others don’t waste time with temporary bandaid solutions to their stress. I wanted to create a community of people dedicated to truly practicing self-care and putting their mental and emotional health first.

3. What's the #1 request you get from clients and how do you respond?
Most of the time when people begin to work with me, they are trying to figure out how they can get out of their own way so they can build their business or take their career to the next level, and almost every time, I find they are so focused on why things in their professional life aren’t working that they are completely ignoring where the real problems are coming from - their personal lives.

We often try to treat our personal and professional lives as completely independent of one another, but the reality is that there is a correlation between the two. The state of our personal life is going to affect the energy we bring into our career or business. If we are coming home every day and arguing with loved ones or staying up for hours watching Netflix, it’s no wonder we don’t have the energy to hold ourselves accountable at work or close that business deal. We have to get to the root of the issues in our lives and find ways to meet our physical, mental and emotional needs first before we can start to see real results in the other areas of our lives.

4. When it comes to fitness and stress relief, what's the biggest correlation?
The major correlation between fitness and stress relief comes from the connection between our physiology and psychology. In my approach to stress management, I focus on a simple but powerful formula: By starting to change our thoughts around our stress, we create new feelings about ourselves that drive us to take meaningful actions in our lives which leads us to achieve the results we know we deserve. This is not an overnight process, but we can accelerate it by taking care of our bodies. We can actually trick our minds into feeling differently by how we treat our bodies. Different poses and postures can make us feel more powerful or more abundant. After a good workout, we experience an endorphin rush that leaves us feeling confident. By incorporating fitness into our routine, we create positive feelings that can lead us to take meaningful actions towards reducing our stress and creating the life we truly want to live.

5. What's one way to decrease stress in our lives -- something we can try right away?
The first step to decreasing stress is awareness - and I mean true awareness of what is stressing us out. A lot of times, we might feel like there are so many things stressing us out that we just exist in this perpetual state of stress. So when we are talking to our friends or our partner and we mention how stressed we are or we are lying awake in bed feeling overwhelmed by stress, we don’t really dig into what specifically is stressing us out. Writing down a list of everything that is stressing you out is a great first step in reducing your stress. As you make your list, you might discover it’s actually a lot shorter than you thought it would be. You might even notice things on your list that you can easily address right away. Our stressors always feel impossible in our head, but writing them out can help us see them in a more realistic light. 

6. Where can we follow you?
You can follow me on Facebook and Instagram @thestresslessco. You can also learn more about the work I do by going to!

Be sure to attend Carlee’s live webinar on Sept. 24th! We’re hosting her and you can attend for FREE by registering here.