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SerenaFit programming is developed to address total body wellness efficiently and effectively. We know your time is fleeting in this world of ever-increasing distractions, so we’ve set up these workouts so they can be done anywhere and take up the least amount of your time, first thing in the day, all while maximizing results using HIIT (high intensity interval training). Taught by coaches who can see you in real time and help correct, guide and motivate you through your workout, classes in the SerenaFit Virtual Training Studio each offer a different focus so you customize your workout plan to fit your needs.


Make The Most Of Your SerenaFit Membership


There’s no fixed path on the SerenaFit Training Plan. Feel free to pick and choose whatever combination of classes works for you based on your schedule + how you’re feeling. Each week brings something different. Your workout should be flexible so you have an easier time staying consistent. If you are looking for a little guidance, here are some of the team’s favorite combinations based on common results-driven goals:


= “I want to build total body strength.”



= “I want to slow down + increase flexibility.”



= “I want to drop weight + burn fat.”



= “I am pre/post natal, recovering from injury.”

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Check Out Our Current Class Descriptions Below!

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Focus on fat burn + heart conditioning using
20-45 second intervals + light weights

Focus on strength building + muscle toning using 60-120 seconds and AMRAPs (as many reps as possible) + heavy weights



Lower Body 1

Mondays - 5:30am
Wednesdays - 6:30am
Studio B
Coached by: Brit/Serena

Lower Body - SerenaFit.png

The lower body contains the largest muscles in the body so let’s work ‘em to keep ourselves burning calories all day. Using moves like pulsing squats, glute bridge holds and lateral hops inside quick 20-45 second intervals, you’ll challenge your body’s metabolism in order to maximize fat and calorie burn. The class strategically targets glutes, and legs to tighten and lift your backside (who doesn’t need that?).



Lower Body 2 +
Resistance Bands

Thursdays - 6:00am
Studio B

Coached by: Brit

Lower Body2 - SerenaFit.png

A lower body strength training experience that will wake you up and warm you up. Work through 60-120 second cardio circuits using free weights and resistance bands with exercises like squats, curtsy lunges, and glute extensions to tone your entire lower half. Our aim in this class is to build solid muscle in the lower body using these longer intervals. Prepare for your legs to feel like jello tomorrow.



Upper Body 1

Tuesdays - 6:30am
Studio B
Coached by: Serena

Body Solid 2 - SerenaFit.png

Tone and tighten your arms and shoulders using the classic burnout method to get the most out of the workout. Working through 20-45 second upper body intervals (both with and without weights) strategically-paired with blasts of cardio, you’ll start to sculpt those upper body arms you’ve always wanted. Expect to hit the floor for dynamic floor stations that include moves like planks, then stand to punch, lateral lifts and push + presses.



Upper Body 2

Fridays - 5:30am
Studio A

Coached by: Brit

Upper Body - SerenaFit.png

Get a serious dose of upper body in before you even open your front door with this heart pumping upper body workout. By coupling 60-120 second free weight intervals with bodyweight intervals, you’ll really start to sculpt and define your arms, back and shoulders. Some exercises you can expect to see in the class include tricep kickbacks, explosive push ups and Arnold presses. Good luck lifting your arms tomorrow!




Tuesdays - 6:00am
Studio A

Coached by: Serena

Cardio Abs - SerenaFit.png

Kickstart that six-pack and cinch your waistline with a core focused workout. In this workout you’ll focus on isometric (holds), obliques, lower back, and functionality using 20-45 second intervals with moves like Russian twists, plank jacks, jackhammers, and plank series. Strengthen your stomach muscles and break a sweat! This is a great class to strengthen your center of movement while maximizing your time.



Core 2 +
Resistance Bands

Thursdays - 6:30am
Studio A

Coached by: Serena


Tighten your tummy and build total core strength with an added twist -- resistance bands. Work through 60-120 second intervals focusing on core strength, obliques, lower back strength and general functionality with moves like V-sit holds, plank rows, pike ups with weight + lateral plank walks, all with resistance bands. Kick your core work up a notch with this strength-building class ab workout.



Total Body 1

Mondays - 7pm
Wednesdays - 5:30am
Fridays - 6:00am
Studio B
Coached by: Tesha/Brit/Serena

Total Body Sweat - SerenaFit.png

Wake up your mind and body with a jolt of cardio and conditioning. Using bodyweight and free weights, you’ll work through alternating 1-minute strength and cardio rounds with exercises like jump squats, planks & lunges to transform your entire body. The workout may be on the early side, but we promise you won’t need coffee after this effective, heart-pumping workout.


Balance out your program by attending our low-impact classes.




Mondays - 6:30am
Studio B
Coached by: Serena

Stretch - SerenaFit.png

A new yet essential addition to your morning routine, Stretch allows you to calm down and recover from your hard work and busy lifestyle. Expect to hold a series of floor stretches for up to 30 seconds, refocusing your attention back to the body and listening to it. Take time to attend this morning routine and set your positive intentions for the day ahead.



Mindful Movement

Mondays - 6am
Studio A
Coached by: Saba

Power Yoga- SerenaFit.png

This class will focus on grounding into yoga poses. It moves at a pace that allows you to mindfully transition between poses and to really focus on alignment to build strength and agility for your other Studio workouts.



Power Flow

Wednesdays - 6am
Studio A
Coached by: Saba


This class builds on the Monday class and moves at a faster pace. We really heat up the body for the first 20-25 minutes and then bring it to a cool down. It’ll have you feeling a nice sigh at the end!



Restorative Yoga

Fridays - 6:30am
Studio B
Coached by: Saba


This class moves slower and is more relaxed compared to the others. It will relax you and ease small aches + pains that may have come up during other other workouts. We focus on breath and alignment as well and will end with yummy poses to open tight areas of the body.


Want to feel energized with other self-starters
from around the world?

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