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Post-Natal Yoga + Wellness Workout

Ladies, join Saba as she takes you through a flow to help you heal and regain your strength after one of the most strenuous events on a woman's body: delivering a baby.

If you are struggling to get back into your workouts, here's a way to get started! We know how busy moms are, so you don't need to leave your house for this LIVE, virtual session in The Studio. This session will include techniques focusing on:

  1. Notice areas of the body where tenderness or pain still exists

  2. Strengthen the pelvic floor and core muscles

  3. Ease back in so that you embrace your new mom body

This event is free and will max out at 10 participants. We encourage you to find a quiet space to enjoy this session. Attend via cell phone using the Zoom app or from your laptop. Once you register you will receive an email with sign in instructions. Review our Tips for Success page if you have questions about the set up, or never hesitate to reach out.

*Note you do NOT need to enter credit card information.