Perks & Discounts

Exclusive perks & discounts for members of the SerenaFit Virtual Training Studio. See details below for coupon codes.

OnPoint Nutrition

OnPoint Nutrition is the official provider of nutrition and health advice for the SerenaFit Virtual Training Studio. Kickoff your health journey with a complimentary consultation with OnPoint’s team of registered dietitians and nutritionists. They’ll analyze your preferences, habits, challenges and goals and will help you develop a nutrition regimen carefully tailored to your needs. SerenaFit Virtual Training Studio Members also receive a 5% discount off OnPoint’s Essentials and Academy counseling programs.

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Bondi Bands

Don’t you hate when your hair, or worse, a finicky hairband, get’s in the way of a good workout? Bondi Bands are the answer to those fly away’s with their no-slip, no-drip design, created to comfortably keep back both women and men’s hair. Plus, you’ll stay motivated by inspirational or customized messages printed on the sides of select bands. SerenaFit Virtual Training Studio members receive 15% off all online purchases with the code SERENAFIT15 (*excludes gift cards, custom, wholesale, design your own, subscriptions, grab bags, therapy blankets, and back warmers).