Total Body

Mondays - 7pm
Wednesdays - 5:30am
Fridays - 6:00am

Wake up your mind and body with a jolt of cardio and conditioning. Using bodyweight and free weights, you’ll work through alternating 1-minute strength and cardio rounds with exercises like jump squats, planks & lunges to transform your entire body. The workout may be on the early side, but we promise you won’t need coffee after this effective, heart-pumping workout.


Tuesdays - 6:00am

Kickstart that six-pack and cinch your waistline with a core focused workout. In this workout you’ll focus on isometric (holds), obliques, lower back, and functionality using 20-45 second intervals with moves like Russian twists, plank jacks, jackhammers, and plank series. Strengthen your stomach muscles and break a sweat! This is a great class to strengthen your center of movement while maximizing your time.

Restorative Yoga

Fridays - 6:30am

This class moves slower and is more relaxed compared to the others. It will relax you and ease small aches + pains that may have come up during other other workouts. We focus on breath and alignment as well and will end with yummy poses to open tight areas of the body.