On-Demand Videos

Summer Detox Webinar

with Melissa Henkin (Sept. 2018)


HIIT + Arms
Circuits focusing on conditioning + upper body


Meditation + Mindfulness Webinar
with Vitality Meditation


Mat Pilates with Coach Ilana
Mat exercises focusing on core

My Favorite Green Wellness Smoothie

with Serena Scanzillo


Legs + Abs
Circuits focusing on lower body + core


Power Yoga with Coach Saba
Power flow focusing on breathe + core


Tone + Sculpt with Serena
Circuits using weights + bodyweight

Strength: Circuits Focusing On Total Body

with Coach Tracy


CardioAbs Express
1-minute abs, 1 min cardio!


Stretch + Flow with Serena
Mat flow focusing on flexibility


Total Body Strength with Serena
Circuits focusing on total body