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Welcome to the SerenaFit Virtual Training Studio! We’re happy you’re here and can’t wait for you to try one of our LIVE online classes. Each session is only 30 minutes which makes it easy to schedule in. The best part - you can attend right from home! No travel required.

The Virtual Studio features LIVE workouts, meaning you can see your coach, your coach can see you, and you can see the others in the class. We’ve taken the gym experience and placed it online so you can stay fit and accountable with ease.

Our team of certified coaches are here to provide you with the real time feedback you need to enhance your workout. We challenge you to get off the elliptical and into our Studio to workout with intention + get stronger!


Inside Our Studio

Become a part of a community of self-starters and enhance the quality of your workout!


Client Testimonials

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We don’t just workout, we workout efficiently.

We know you’re busy. That’s why we’ve condensed our workouts down to 30 minutes and scheduled them first thing in the morning. All of our strength and cardio classes use HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training), so you’ll maximize your time and your results. The goal is to commit to that early morning workout so that nothing can get in the way of your fitness. No need for coffee after your heart’s been racing for 30 minutes. Plus you’ll be done before most people even wake up!


We’re not just live, we’re interactive.

Unlike other virtual studios, classes in the SerenaFit Virtual Training Studio use two-way video conferencing technology. This means that you can see your coach and others attending the class and they can see - just like when you attend class in-person. You’ll receive real-time, personalized feedback and encouragement from your coaches during every session, holding you accountable and getting you through the workout successfully.


We’re not just a workout, we’re a lifestyle.

Working out is only a small part of the equation when it comes to total body wellness. By alternating focus between strength/cardio and mind/meditation, the SerenaFit Virtual Training Studio Live Class Schedule allows you to create a well-rounded fitness routine that truly helps you improve in all areas of life. Membership includes a library of on-demand workout videos to keep you on track with your wellness goals, access to our pop-up events, a private Facebook Group where you’ll find guidance from your coaches and a weekly email that outlines schedule updates, upcoming events + more!


Don’t just workout, workout with intention.

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